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Welcome to HPNB!

I’m Peter Lap and I am a post-natal exercise expert. After 10+ years of training women in the Edinburgh area, years of writing about Post-Natal Health and years of lamenting the state of physical Post-Natal care and advice given to women I launched this website.

I believe post-natal exercise advice should be affordable, if not free, for all. Our motto is; “It’s a right, not a privilege” and we live by that.

Diastasis Recti, post-natal back pain and posture issues are too common, and affect too many women, that it is not acceptable for post-natal exercise programs to cost hundreds of pounds/dollars. Especially when all these things can almost always be fixed by doing the right exercises!


So HPNB is different from some other “systems” you might have come across.

First of all, we give EVERY new member 3 months completely FREE access. Most post-natal programs are £100+ for 12 weeks, we give you 13 weeks completely free.

After that 13 week period we will only charge you £8/$10 per month, for as long as you think it’s useful. We don’t tie you in to a long sign-up, you can cancel at any time! BUT THERE’S MORE…We only charge you for 5 months, after which you get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS! There’s no paying for years and years like with some other programs!

We’re not just tackling the “mummy tummy”, we’ll do much more than that. We will help eliminate back- and neck-pain and help heal your posture.

But here at HPNB we go beyond that. You can always get in touch with me via email and can ask any questions you may have, safe in the knowledge that the answer you will get will be correct and safe for you.

Let’s be clear; This program is not to help you “lose that baby fat” or “get you your pre-baby body back”. Of course the exercise will help you lose weight but that’s not the aim of what we do. And I’ve written before about how the Post-Natal body is ALWAYS different from the Pre-Natal one.

The mission is to give you your health back, and to make you fitter and stronger than you’ve ever been…Did I mention it’s only £8 ($10) a month?

So why not click that button and get your health back today?



Get Your Health Back

What We Can Help With

Diastasis Variations

Diastasis Recti

With years of experience in the Post-Natal field Peter is probably best known for his expertise in fixing Diastasis Recti through Exercise. Here at HPNB we are confident we have designed the best program to help you recover and get your core back to full working order.


Back and Neck Pain

A lot of women are suffering from back and neck pain after giving birth. Breast feeding, constant lifting of travel systems, pushing buggies, holding your little one whilst doing a million other things, etc. This all puts a strain on the body. You don’t have to keep suffering from it, it’s not the new normal, we will help you fix this.


Poor Posture

Poor posture is an issue affecting a lot of people but especially women who have given birth. This can lead to physical imbalances and pains that you simply should not have to deal with. At HPNB we give you exercise routines to help strengthen the correct muscles and improve your posture.

Real Success Stories

What our subscribers have to say

  • Nicola
    Working with Peter Post-Natal has transformed my relationship with exercise. I started working with Peter after my second son and my body is now stronger and fitter than it has ever been. Peter is supportive, knowledgeable and has helped me get my confidence back.
  • Paula
    I never even knew Diastasis Recti was a thing that could be fixed by anything other than surgery. I was walking around looking like I was 4 months pregnant for 5 years after the birth of my second boy. 6 month’s of training, the bump is gone and my tummy is flat again!
  • Tracy
    I can’t thank Peter enough. After struggling for an eternity looking at YouTube videos, I read one of Peter’s blogs. I’ve been bothering him via email for months and he’s always responded with patience and a clear explanation as to what I should do next even though I was never going to be able to train with him. I am very excited that he’s now launching this website as I know I can trust him and I can do his videos safely.
  • Laura
    I trained with Peter for my wedding, trusted him during my pregnancy and after giving birth and I recommend his Post-Natal System to all my friends, I can’t think of a higher recommendation than that.
  • Concetta
    I want you to know I appreciate your program more than words can say. I have been doing the program now for about a month and I am noticing a huge difference in my stomach. I was giving up hope that my stomach would ever look somewhat normal again and that surgery was the only fix. I had no intention of getting surgery so I thought i just had to live with it forever. I have been doing the strength programs 4 times a week and the home about 5 days a week. I still have a way to go but i now feel like my stomach will improve.
    New York